What Does It Mean When You Dream About Rats

Have you ever had a dream about rats? Well, here’s the good news: You’re not crazy. In fact, you’re not alone. A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan found that approximately 80% of the adult population have had at least one dream about rats.

The study also revealed that dreams about rats are common for children, too. But what does it mean when you dream about rats?

Pop Culture Ideas About Rats Might Be The Clue To Rat Dreams

A dream expert, Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, told Bustle that referring to cultural and linguistic meanings might help you figure out what your dreams mean. She says that if you can figure out the symbolic language (like an idiom or homonym) in your dream, you will have solved a big part of the mystery.

She says that if rats keep coming up in your dreams, you might be able to figure out what they mean by looking at words or thoughts about rats.

Someone is going to tell on you, or have you been worried about this lately? Do you act like a “dirty rat,” or do you know someone who does? What Lowenberg seems to suggest. You might feel like you’re being watched in a lab or like you’re trapped in a maze with no way out.

She says to look at what’s popular when it doesn’t work. If you want to learn how to cook, maybe the movie Ratatouille’s character Remy seems especially relevant right now. You might be hiding something like the rats in the movie The Secret of NIMH, and this clue could help you find it.

Also, rats are known to spread the plague, so if you believe in superstitions, they might stand in for your health and epidemic worries. Loewenberg says that the reason a rat (or any other animal) shows up in your dream is always connected to you personally.

Chinese Dream Interpretation Theory

Most traditional Chinese beliefs on dream interpretation may be traced back to the ancient Chinese book “Zhou Duke Interprets Dreams” (Zhou Gong Jie Meng). As legend has it, the “God of Dreams” and “First Sage,” the Duke of Zhou, who reigned from 1042 to 1035 BC, penned it.

General Meanings of Dreams about Rats

If interpreted correctly, seeing a rat in a dream might portend good fortune, according to Duke of Wen Interprets Dreams.

Mice and rats are nocturnal creatures that like dark environments. Seeing a rat in your dream is a warning that you may be the victim of covert actions or attacks on your interests by others.

Alternatively, it may reveal our shadowy selves. The time has come to examine our own motivations and values and make adjustments if we’ve been badly impacted lately.

Dream Meanings for Colored Rats in Dreams

If you dream about black rats, it suggests that the day will go well for you and that you will have good luck. You may strive to make your long-held aspirations come true. Maybe this will be the day when all your aspirations come true.

If you dream about white rats (mice), it suggests that things are going really nicely for you right now. Don’t forget that spreading goodwill to others will increase the length of your good fortune.

But if you dream about gray rats, it implies that your life may be stalled, which is making you feel melancholy. Your mind is full with inconsistencies and confusion if you dream about gray things. If you need help deciding what to do, talk to your significant other or some close friends.

Dream Meanings regarding Other Types of Rats

A huge mouse in your dream means you’ll be tricked or wounded by neighbors. You and your pals will likely have an argument, as suggested by the dream.

A dream in which you see a little rat portends hard effort and success in your professional life or a strong feeling of responsibility in your romantic relationships. A relationship may improve more rapidly if you avoid petty disagreements.

Dead rats in a dream are a favorable omen for financial success, victory over enemies, and increased wealth.

Your curiosity in where a new restaurant is opening, what new attractions an amusement park has added, what new routes a travel agency has launched, etc. will be piqued if you dream of exciting rats.

If you dreamed of a lively rat, it may mean that you and your partner need to focus on your communication skills to improve your relationship.

Baby rats in a dream are an omen of impending adversity. Your adversary will continually gain ground and new misfortunes will befall you daily.

The presence of several rats in your dream is ominous of impending hardship. It’s possible you’re in deep difficulty, and the difficulties just keep piling up.

Meanings of Dreams about Rats in Various Contexts

To dream about rats on a bed portends to be very egotistical and gratified by flattery throughout the following two days. It’s likely that you’ll be pleased to provide a hand to those who lavish praise on you throughout the following 48 hours.

In spite of your awareness of their ulterior motives, you can’t help but feel good when they congratulate you.

This might lead you to have a little difficulty.

Rats and cats in your dreams are a good sign that you will have a good time in real life. You’re going to feel fantastic right now, but you have to stop denying reality and figure out whether that high is genuine or not.

A dream about rats in your home is a portent of impending catastrophe. If you have the guts and determination to face challenges head-on, you’ll be able to find solutions and move on fast. But you shouldn’t stress about what other people think or do. Focus on improving your skills instead.

Seeing rat feces in a dream is a favorable omen that good times are ahead.

Meanings of Dreams about Rats Biting/Running

If you dream that a rat bites you, it means you’ll make some mistakes or maybe have a problem at work. You’ll be able to think of creative ways to deal with these problems or take steps to avoid them in the first place.

If you dreamed that rats were running away, it meant that problems you’ve been having would be solved slowly over the next two days. The trick is to get along with people well. Respecting the opinions of other people, especially women, can help you avoid many fights.

On a group outing, you might find out more about a potential date by hearing what her (or his) friends have to say about her (or him) (him).

If you dreamed that rats were running around, it meant that if you didn’t start being more frugal, you would soon be in a lot of financial trouble. If you don’t plan your money well, it will be gone faster than a pack of rats.

Meanings of Dreams about Catching/Killing Rats

If you dream of a cat catching a rat, it’s a good sign that your problems will be solved soon. You can get help if you feel like you can’t handle the problem on your own. Someone will come help you.

If you dreamed that you caught a rat, it was a sign that you might be attracting bad people into your circle of friends. So, if you dream that you’re catching a rat, you should look at your own life and the people you hang out with to see if there’s anything to worry about.

If you dream that you kill rats, it means that your opponents will fail and that your finances will get better.

Psychological Tips for Those Dreaming about Rats

If you play too much after having a dream about rats, you could get in trouble. Even after the excitement has died down, there will still be problems to solve.

You might miss out on opportunities if you don’t do well at work or school, make careless mistakes, or seem like you can’t keep track of things. In the two days after you have a dream about rats, it will be easy to figure out what your problems are. Before moving on to a new part of your life, it’s time to finish up any unfinished business.

What does it mean to dream about rats? FAQ

Even though rats are interesting animals that can live almost anywhere, most people don’t like them. So, having dreams about rats often makes people feel anxious. Most people think that seeing a rat in a dream always means bad luck.

The most likely meanings of your dreams about rats are as follows:

1.   You fear losing your power at the office

Dreams about a dead rat represent a fear of losing authority at work. It’s possible that a new coworker has made you feel anxious about your job. Regardless of why you may feel helpless at work, it is important to consider ways to resolve it since it causes emotional tension.

2.   You are worried about your health

If you dream that rats are biting you, it could be because you’re worried about your health. Most of the time, these dreams are caused by worry about possible health problems. If you keep having dreams about rats trying to bite you, you should think about these things.

The answers to these questions may make you feel more worried, but they may also help you figure out how to calm down. Don’t let your worries about your health keep you from seeing your doctor regularly and doing what he or she tells you to do.

3.   Your finances are a concern

Rats following you in your dreams may be scary and dirty, but they may also have profound significance. If you have recurring dreams concerning money issues, it indicates that your financial position is emotionally dragging you down. Even though no one like dealing with financial challenges, avoiding them only leads to larger problems in the future.

If you continue to have this kind of dream, examine the following.

A simple approach to save money each month is to brew your own coffee at home instead of buying it from a coffee shop.

If you often worry about having insufficient funds to pay your expenses, you may want to consider raising your income.

If you can find a means to save or earn more money, you may be able to reduce a significant amount of stress. As your financial situation improves, thankfully, the visions should vanish.

4.   You are worried about your partner’s fidelity

Rats running around in your dreams suggest questions about your partner’s loyalty. Obviously, no one like the idea of infidelity, and if you continue to have dreams about it, you should research the cause.

If these dreams continue, it is essential to be honest with your partner about how you feel. If you’ve had trauma in the past that’s prompting you to question yourself, be honest about your emotions.

5.   You worry that your loved ones are slipping away

When rats are racing towards you in your dream, it signifies that you are afraid about losing touch with a loved one. A close buddy may have just relocated or gotten married, leaving you feeling lonely and alienated.

If you have recurring nightmares in which rats are chasing you, investigate the different interpretations. If you identify the individual whose attention you worry you are losing, it may be time to reach out.

6.   You are hopeful

Most people would be astonished to hear that rats do not indicate ill luck in dreams. In contrast, white rats represent hope for the future. If you have a dream about a white rat, you are doing well in life. You are self-assured, optimistic about the future, and hard-working.

These dreams indicate that you are in the proper mindset to implement the lifestyle adjustments you have been pondering. Therefore, have confidence in yourself and fulfill your goals.

7.   You are too anxious

A white rat in a dream signifies good fortune, but a black rat in a dream indicates ominous. The mere appearance of black rats is suggestive of overloaded and anxious sentiments. Even though there will be chaotic and stressful times in life, these dreams are really reminders to take things easy.

If you have reoccurring nightmares about black rats, you may need to take actions to minimize your stress. Start by reducing your work schedule so that you may spend more time with your loved ones. Consider your existing exercise and sleep routines. Lastly, devote time to self-care and maintain a nutritious diet.

Assume you do not have a physically demanding job and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is likely no clear explanation for your repeated dreams about black rats. Someone else may be to fault for your concerns in this situation. Ask yourself whether there is somebody in your life who gives you stress, concern, or terror.

8.   You feel undesirable

If you dream of brown rats, it means you have low self-worth. If you dream about brown rats over and over again, your mind is trying to tell you to pay attention to your body. You might feel insecure about how you look because you’ve gained weight or changed your body in some other way recently.

When you feel bad about your body, working out and eating well are great ways to feel better. You’ll feel better about how you look if you take care of your health. So, these dreams should give you hope. If you want to lose weight, you need to work out often, eat a well-balanced diet, and avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar.

9.   You worry about your child

Worries over a child are symbolized by nightmares in which a rat with red eyes emerges. Our first job as parents is always to safeguard our children. We demand nothing less than the best for them. If you keep experiencing nightmares about rats with bloodshot eyes, you should check up on your children.

If you’ve been neglecting a problem one of your children is having, your dreams are a warning that you won’t be able to ignore it much longer without incurring emotional discomfort.

10.  You are excited about a new friendship

Any time you see a rat in your dream with green eyes, it’s a sign that you’re feeling enthusiastic about a new friendship. Making new friends and seeing existing ones flourish is thrilling because we all want close relationships with others.

11.  You are fearful of being taken advantage of

It’s possible that gigantic rats might be terrifying in a nightmare. They convey a message from your unconscious that you must heed. If you’re having dreams about giant rats, it might mean you’re paranoid about being taken advantage of. It goes without saying that nobody enjoys being taken advantage of. Therefore, you have to think about the people in your life if the dreams recur.

If you’re hesitant to approach someone, it’s important to first think about why you feel that way. You should be ready for a dispute, but you should also stick to your views. Your good fortune should not be used by anybody.

12.  You feel invisible

Even though little rats in dreams are less frightening than large rats, they nonetheless have something significant to express. These small rodents make you feel as if nobody cared about you. You may believe that no one cares about you at work or at home.

If you have recurring nightmares about little rats, ask yourself:

Although the answers to these questions may be difficult to hear, they are crucial and must be provided. A dream about a little rat might represent feelings of invisibility or unappreciation, or a fear of rejection. For instance, if you have just started a new job or joined a new group of friends, you may be concerned about how well you fit in.


In conclusion, to dream about rats may mean that you are being forced to confront a hidden fear. You may be feeling a sense of guilt or shame. You may be facing an issue that you have been avoiding. It may also mean that you are about to experience a new opportunity.

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