Fat Dream Meaning: 30+ Types and Symbolism


A fat dream interpretation suggests wealth. Furthermore, a lack of physical activity and fitness may result in weight gain.

The most likely conclusion is that you do not engage in adequate physical activity. So, what exactly does a fat dream imply?

Obesity dreams are frequently associated with money and health.

You may think that you have lost control of your consumption, that you have overspent, and that you are now in financial difficulties.

Perhaps your mind is telling you that your body requires more action. Your dreams may represent an underlying dissatisfaction with your physique or with your life.

To fully appreciate what they mean, you must actively investigate them by seeking for common themes in the images and symbols.

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Being Fat Dream Meaning And Interpretation

Symbols in a fat dream don’t always make sense, which adds to the perplexity.

These dreams are frequently viewed as signs of safety and abundance.

Perhaps it’s an indication that you’re content with your current situation and have no desire to alter it.

Fat Dream Meaning

If, on the other hand, you’re dissatisfied with your weight, it might be an indication that your current way of life isn’t working and that you need to make some changes (such as dieting).

To begin, consider whether your recent eating habits have been excessive.

If this is the case, your subconscious may be attempting to communicate with you about your BMI through a dream.

You may be subconsciously terrified of gaining weight and then being unable to lose it.

Perhaps this weight-related dream is attempting to remind you that there is more to fixing than just the amount of food in your diet.

Even if your bad dietary choices have no obvious influence on your weight during the day, you may experience shame.

Gaining a lot of weight in your dream might represent guilt and remorse.

It is also possible to interpret this dream in another way. Perhaps it’s not so much the dinner as it is the… heaviness?

Maybe it’s telling you that you have a lot on your mind right now.

This might be a warning about anything, including but not limited to: an imminent test, a job deadline, a quarrel with a friend or family member, financial issues, and so on.

More and more examples might be provided!

Fat Baby Dream Meaning

If you dreamed of cradling a chubby baby, it might imply that your life is moving in the right direction, but not as quickly as you’d want.

You may believe you’ve done all imaginable and are only waiting for results, yet nothing ever changes.

If your child is overweight, it might indicate that you are attempting to disguise your actual identity.

While it may be useful for concealing your true feelings from another person, it also has the ability to make you feel unauthentic.

Finally, this dream may be telling you that you need to talk to someone about anything.

Dream Meaning Fat Legs

A reoccurring dream in which the dreamer views his or her legs as abnormally overweight suggests a low feeling of self-worth.

Even if you’ve been feeling this way for a long time, things appear to be boiling over right now. Another meaning is that you are being used or exploited.

You should cope with your emotions while also looking for indicators of abuse. If you fantasize about having fat legs, it indicates that you are under a lot of stress.

You need to take some time off since you’re stressed to the limit. The dream advises you to relax and treat yourself.

Fat Lady Dream Meaning

As depicted by the fat lady dream sign, your life will come to a crossroads. It is now time to put your plans into action.

If the fat lady is singing, you should expect to attain your aims. If she’s shouting out an off-key tune, it’s an indication that your goals have failed.

If you have a fat lady in your dream, she signifies an impending shift in your life.

Dream About Someone Being Fat

While dreaming about someone becoming overweight is not ideal, there are methods to put the situation into context.

Symbolic meanings seen in dreams are usually the result of your unconscious mind.

Possibilities for unpleasant self-reflection include seeing someone you care about as fat in a dream or becoming overweight yourself.

If you’re struggling with your own body image or eating habits, it’s typical to dream that other people are overweight.

It’s also possible that you’re at the mercy of the events occurring around you and powerless to influence them.

So, if you experience a dream in which other people are considerably larger than you, it might be your subconscious’ way of expressing how powerless and inadequate you feel.

Dream of losing fat

If you’ve been dreaming about slimming down, it suggests you’re on the verge of solving some real-world difficulties.

You may have been having problems in your personal or professional life.

Your problems and sadness seemed like they were crushing you. You’ve tried several techniques to this problem, but none of them have succeeded so far.

You may take comfort now that you’ve experienced this dream since it foreshadows your ultimate triumph in conquering these hurdles.

Maybe you just quit up since you couldn’t predict how everything would turn out.

Your subconscious drives you to enhance the intensity of the struggle when you comprehend how close the opponent is.

You’ll have plenty of free time once you find out how to get out of it. Take advantage of the time you have after you have completed resolving the problems.

Dream of rapidly losing fat

If you experience a dream in which you suddenly lose a lot of weight, it might be a sign that you’re about to become ill.

You probably don’t have much time for yourself right now, and your health is suffering as a result.

You must watch what you eat and take time off for your health. You’re also becoming physically inactive as a result of the mental and emotional stress.

Spend some time exercising to energize your body and calm your mind.

Furthermore, if you don’t care sufficiently about yourself, you can’t expect people to care about you or your problems.

If you continue on this road, you might expect to hurt your health and become unable to meet your obligations.

There’s a potential that the stress you’re experiencing is affecting your health, which is why your dream came true.

Stress is unavoidable, but taking care of oneself in order to fight successfully is critical.

Dream of overeating

If you dream about eating too much, it suggests you don’t have control over your life. You may be dealing with a challenging circumstance right now.

You’ve worked hard and exhausted all of your options, yet you still haven’t made a decision. You may be cursing your abilities and feeling worthless right now.

Unfortunately, not everyone can solve every problem. Even if you give your all, there are certain things in life that you simply cannot win.

Right now, you must determine whether or not this situation can be resolved. If you are unable to do so, it is time to move on.

Pursuing a solution to a relevant problem or condition will maximize the return on your time and efforts.

You are now destroying your drive, and as a result, you may not be able to conquer future challenges.

For the time being, your intuition advises you to calm down.

You might be feeling guilty about something, and the binge eating dream could be a metaphor for developing self-control.

More discipline will not solve your problems. You must apply some extra logic to the answer.

Dreams about being called fat

If you dreamed that you were fat, you may be highly self-conscious about what others think of you. Once again, it’s a metaphor for uncertainty.

Your self-assurance is affected by how others evaluate your appearance or personality. You are continuously on the edge because you are concerned about how others see you.

So, have you ever considered what their reaction might be if you abruptly changed your identity?

In that instance, do people evaluate your abilities depending on how you appear? If this is the case, you should be concerned.

Remember, you are still you, and you should always feel good about yourself.

Your dream may reveal the wounds and scars you still bear as a result of other people’s opinions. You look to be stuck in the past and the damage it has done to your self-esteem.

If you don’t let go of your fascination with the past, your mind will remain caught in it. You must get over it and face the truth.

Furthermore, as long as you are doing your best, their criticism is meaningless.

Dream of a fat bride

Dreaming about a fat bride might signify either your burgeoning personal feelings for someone or your determination to thrive in your professional life, depending on the situation.

A person who has a secret crush on another person may display awkward and strange conduct that is characteristic of youngsters in love.

Don’t worry; that’s to be anticipated. If your feelings are reciprocated and everything are going well, you should fully embrace your relationship.

If, on the other hand, the dream is about your career, it implies that you are obsessed with professional success.

Furthermore, you may find the process of overcoming hurdles more interesting than the objective itself (success).

You may not feel fulfilled if you attain success too fast since you will have forgotten the hardships you overcome.

Dream of not being fat

If you are overweight in real life yet have recurrent dreams in which you lose weight, this is a reflection of your drive and stability in the real world.

This weight might reflect your actual physical weight or a hardship you’re experiencing.

Because of your limitless determination, you’ve “lost weight” or won over difficulty several times.

Nonetheless, the threat of such confrontations resurfacing was always present.

Even so, your dreams are your unconscious attempting to persuade you that things will be different this time.

Your renewed motivation will help you to effectively lose weight and gain muscle. It symbolizes your will to live a long and healthy life.

Dream of being treated for fat

Dreaming that you or someone you know is being discriminated against because of their weight foretells of difficult times ahead.

The fact that you are at a loss for what to do demonstrates that you have never been in a position like this before.

You have no notion how to deal with the issue or address your worries.

You may be unskilled and perceive the procedure to be more difficult than it is.

Following the advise of individuals more educated than you is a good idea, as your subconscious suggests.

They are lights in the darkness that can help you get through difficult times. Instead of flailing aimlessly, you’ll have a strategy.

Dream of reading about fat

Insecurities manifest as dreams in which you read about growing overweight. In real life, you secretly adore well-chiseled bodies.

You have little self-esteem and are dissatisfied with your existing appearance.

You’re enamored with the idea of “picture-perfect beauty,” and you’re considering cosmetic surgery to help you achieve your goals.

Your desired beauty is one that would be “shareable” on social media.

The interpretation of your dream shows that you have a superficial personality. How sure are you that you aren’t perfect?

I’m not sure why you’d think that.

Nobody, including yourself, can objectively assess your beauty. If you don’t like your current body, there’s no use in undergoing plastic surgery.

Dream of writing about fat

Having dreams about becoming a fat writer might be a sign of future professional challenges.

In the face of this difficulties, you will feel overwhelmed and useless. Anxiety before a test is very normal.

Regardless, you should not pass up the chance since it is so compelling. If you accept this challenge, you will truly demonstrate your worth.

If you’re still unsure, you may always ask for assistance. Because self-doubt is holding you back, you should learn to trust your own abilities more.

Dream of purchasing plus-size clothes because you’re fat

Having a plus-size dream means that you should change your diet. You could skip a meal in order to include it into the next one.

It’s possible that you’re not paying enough attention to your health.

Even if you are trying to improve your health and fitness, your schedule is hectic. You should pay more attention to what you put in your mouth.

You can enjoy eating but not at the expense of your health.

For a period, avoid fatty and sugary foods and eat regularly spread out meals to see whether you notice any changes.

Dream of selling plus-size clothes because you’re losing fat

It is a danger sign to dream that you are selling plus-size apparel because you are losing weight.

Your subconscious mind is alerting you that you are taking a risk in your professional life. Perhaps you have a bold plan for the future of your business or profession.

Putting off pursuing your idea is the best option for now. Smaller increments added together over time will provide the same consequences as larger ones.

If you try to rush things, you may end yourself in trouble.

In other words, pay listen to your inner voice to reduce the probability of a total financial disaster.

Dream of being overweight

Having overweight dreams suggests that you are mindful of how people see you.

Others’ nasty remarks may cause you to worry about gaining weight, which may show in your nightmares

The weight of other people’s expectations has emptied your mental and emotional supplies.

Even if you don’t change into someone “pretty” to match cultural ideals, the fear of being evaluated by others remains.


Your failure to manage your eating urges may be portrayed in your dreams.

If you have no unreasonable anxieties or reservations about your body size in real life, being overweight in your dreams reflects your overall happiness with life.

You’re a dedicated worker who enjoys reaping the benefits of your efforts. You will have a lot of success in life if you have an optimistic attitude.

Your dreams may represent health difficulties you’ve been thinking about or criticisms you’ve received for being different from the norm.

It’s conceivable that the world’s inconsistent behavior is causing you emotional distress.

Dream about your partner stopped loving you because you are fat

If you dreamt that your boyfriend quit loving you due of your weight, it means you’re worried about your romantic relationship.

You can’t stop worrying that your significant other may leave you one day.

Perhaps you and your significant other had a disagreement. If you’re worried about users leaving your website, it’s time to make things right.

Fat Dream Meaning

This indicates that you adore this person and would be saddened if they were to leave you.

There’s also the potential that you have unresolved remorse about anything you did behind your partner’s back.

When this occurs, it is important to be honest and attempt to work things out. No connection can survive if it is founded on deception.

If your husband does something that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should investigate any underlying miscommunications.

If they plan to go, it is preferable to accept their leaving with grace and move on.

Dream of your spouse fat

If you dreamed that your lover was gaining weight, it might signify that you were worried about their changing appearance. Perhaps you place a high value on external looks.

Do you have any friends who have seen a newborn baby with its parents?

Parents unconditionally love and support their children regardless of how they seem. Yes, that is love when it is not conditional.

Are you certain you love your spouse if your feelings for them fluctuate based on how they appear? Can love truly work like that?

What if your lover expresses dissatisfaction with your appearance? This is also true for them.

Their love for you, rather than their outward appeal, is what makes them gorgeous.

Keep that individual close because both you and they deserve to be happy rather than anxious.

Dream of continually eating to get fat

If you have a dream about overeating in order to gain weight, it is a sign that you desire to achieve some advancement in your life, whether professionally or emotionally.

Perhaps you’ve been working on a project for a while and your patience for delays is wearing thin.

You’ve recently noticed a shift in your attitude, becoming irritable and obsessed with getting things done.

You can’t afford to rush this; you’ve already put in a lot of time and effort, and it might all be for nothing if you do.

The annoyance of not finishing the assignment may fade in compared to the disappointment of not doing it. Please take as much time as you need to do this.

Dream of a frying pan with fat

If you dreamed about fat on a frying pan, it was a sign that you will meet a new romantic partner.

If you’re a lady, you could encounter a man who knows how to treat a lady.

You’ve certainly been in previous relationships, but the one thing you needed from your lover was for him to be brave.

This desire is currently being granted.

Because of this person’s unknown character, be careful of anyone who want to befriend you. If you actually feel uncomfortable, do not refuse a kind touch.

Whether or if you find Mr. Right, you will meet amazing individuals.

Dream of eating fat food

If you had a dream about pigging out, it’s a sign that your financial condition will improve soon.

Investing the time and effort necessary to execute a difficult professional task might eventually pay off.

This success might bring you a lot of money. Earnings will allow you to live extravagantly for numerous years.

And there’s further proof that the effort you’re doing is huge and will have a long-term impact on your life.

The dream might potentially signal the end of your problems. If you’ve been struggling financially, now is the moment to develop a reputation for yourself and a solid financial foundation.

Dream of many people eating fat

Perhaps you know a couple that has been together for a time and is now ready to marry. Perhaps this is a close friend or family member.

A dream in which a large number of people are feasting on fatty foods foretells of an upcoming wedding, but the happy couple may have to wait due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Furthermore, chatter about the groom may begin behind his back, blaming him for the difficulty.

The couple has a deep bond, and the bride is pleased with her new life. Nonetheless, some are lowering morale by spreading unsubstantiated stories.

If you know this couple and overhear gossip about them, you should investigate the source of the gossip.

Dream you eating fat

Seeing or dreaming of a lot of fat is a good omen for financial success. If you come across a wealthy dealer, you should do everything you can to work with him.

Collaboration has the potential to yield significant benefits and secure your financial future. Working together, the two of you will make a lot of money.

Make an effort to get along with this person. Even if this person is rude and boastful, you must still give it your all.

Your life will be drastically altered as a result of this.

Dream of eating fat with a spoon

Fatty foods in a dream foretell of impending financial difficulties. This prolonged struggle will provide you with invaluable experience and wisdom.

However, before you do so, you should try to reduce unnecessary spending and assess the extent of your financial losses.

Your problems will not be solved if this prediction comes true. Dealing with this situation may become difficult.

Friend up if you believe you will need it because you are not strong enough to face the upcoming challenges on your own.

You’ll have a friend or two who will be there for you during the difficult times. Remember to make amends with this person after the dust settles.

Dream of yellow fat

Yellow fat in a dream indicates that financial success is on the way. If you’ve started a business, success should be knocking on your door soon.

This dealer has a number of options available. The amount of time it takes to read the contract is proportional to the number of people waiting to work with this dealer.

If you want to get the best deal, read the contract thoroughly, ensure that you fully understand it, and sign it as soon as possible.

Dream of red fat

If red fat appeared in your dream, your financial stability is jeopardized, and a period of great sadness awaits you.

Examine your current financial situation and determine where you can make improvements. You could easily waste a fortune if you don’t keep track of your spending.

You must work hard to achieve your dream’s objectives.

Earning enough for one day’s food may seem like a bigger challenge than you’re up for at this point in your life.

If you don’t want this to happen, immediately reduce your outgoings.

Dream of green fat

Seeing green fat in a dream is a favorable indication of financial prosperity. You might get wealthy under surprising circumstances.

If you gamble and win, you may find yourself in a very fortunate position. Similarly, this dream signifies immense achievement.

So you might believe it’s worth a shot to try your hand at these things. You may also play the lottery if you choose.

Examine your selections and choose the ones that pique your attention.

Dream of fat being sold in the market

If you had a dream that people were selling fat at a market, it signified that you would need someone else to explain a future occurrence to you.

Potentially harmful to your professional or personal life. To avoid further embarrassment, enlist the assistance of a trustworthy friend or coworker.

Where did all that weight come from in your dream? If so, it suggests you obtained the help you needed without having to put in too much effort.

Make sure your relationships are constantly robust if you want to avoid troubles in your personal and professional life.

Dream of you suffering from obesity

If you had a dream that you were overweight, it might indicate that you unconsciously embrace the concept of metamorphosis.

It’s conceivable that you’re going through a hard patch right now and feel as if there’s no way out.

You had no choice but to accept your inevitable descent from prosperity to terrible poverty, as awful as it was.

Despite having explored every possible solution, you are still unable to resolve this distressing situation.

You believe that living this way is preferable to accepting your demise and beginning over.

Dream of fat woman suffering from shortness of breath

A dream in which you or someone you know is obese serves as a warning to slow down and relax.

You may be overextending yourself in certain aspects of your life. When confined, it may be virtually anything without causing harm. The issue is that you’re doing much too much of it.

Our unconscious is alerting you of an oncoming danger by proposing that you change your conduct. To live in peace, you must first identify your actions and then change them.

Dream of seeing yourself naked and obese in the mirror

It’s not as unusual as you may think to be uncomfortable in your own flesh.

It’s a problem that affects everyone, and it manifests itself in how individuals perceive themselves.

A dream in which you see yourself naked and overweight in the mirror is closely linked to difficulties with body image.

Accepting yourself as you are right now is something you must work on.

If you are concerned that you do not measure up in some way, the greatest thing you can do is work hard to improve.

It is, nonetheless, appropriate to confess failure if you are unable to accomplish a task. Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working.

Dream of naked fat woman

A dream in which you see an obese, naked lady may portend your death.

If your relationship is problematic and your partner does not completely understand you, you may have this dream.

You want your partner to be there for you, but they aren’t emotionally prepared to commit. You’ve undoubtedly considered ending your relationship since it’s bringing you nothing but agony.

Your financial worries in real life may be reflected in your dreams. You are overworking yourself because you refuse to relax until you have collected adequate riches.

You should not jeopardize your health for financial gain since medical expenditures can easily mount up. You will have a lot of extra problems.

Dream of an obese priest

A dream in which an overweight person appears as a priest may provide insight about the startling gluttony of individuals around you.

Someone you know may have been a humble spirit because they never imagined themselves to be affluent.

Everyone received the same level of consideration.

They could become wealthy one day, and when that occurs, you’ll be surprised at how they treat others.

These people, according to your dreams, will look down on others who aren’t as affluent as them.

You may have known one other for a long time, but once the truth is out, you may wish to keep your distance.

Dream of a fat animal

If you have a dream about a fat animal, it represents abundance in all aspects of your life, including your personal relationships, work, and cash account.

It indicates that happiness will be plentiful in your life.

It indicates that you have a deep emotional attachment to the people in your life, and that good fortune will follow you.

On the contrary, you should cherish every minute of your life and be grateful that you were born now.

If you’re going through a hard patch, don’t give up hope; things will get better soon.

It might also imply that you can mend troubled interpersonal relationships right now.

Dream of a fat dog

Dreams about a chubby dog frequently portend a bleak future. As a result, it foreshadows a future filled with joy, fulfillment, and love.

You’re the sort who prioritizes their family. When a close friend or family member places their faith in you, you offer them your undivided attention.

Fat Dream Meaning

Your major attention should be on resolving problems that are personally important to you.

This is an excellent trait to have in an age where business duties can often take precedence over personal ones.

Dream of a fat cow

A dream in which you see the head of a fat cow with horns represents your efforts to let your creativity run wild.

You’ve always had a talent for the arts, but you’ve never known what to do with it.

You may send your art to galleries or sell it on the internet.

Recognize that not everyone has your degree of creativity, and utilize it to your advantage.

Dream of fat cat

Dreaming about a fat cat foretells of good financial news. You’re making slow but steady progress toward your life’s goal, but you’re running across a lot of hurdles.

It can also represent the harmony that occurs between good and evil, or even the spirit’s freedom.

Other dreams

  • A round newborn is a love sign. You are in for a bumpy voyage. It will be different in ways you did not expect.
  • If you are tiny in real life yet dream about becoming overweight, you are probably unhappy with yourself.
  • Seeing a fat cow in your dream means a lot of money and prosperity.
  • If you experience this nightmare, you probably want to eat quickly. Not comprehending it, on the other hand, irritates you.
  • Your anxiousness and concern about your beloved leaving are mirrored in your dream, in which they stop loving you because of your weight.
  • If you had a dream about an overweight spouse, it might be a sign that you were worried about your partner’s health. You must adore your mate because of who they are. Look behind the surface to see the underlying beauty.

When life’s various hardships serve as frequent reminders of how far we’ve come, it’s tempting to stay caught in the past.

It will be simple to get out of this bind if we remember our past mistakes and do not repeat them.

Helping others and delegating responsibility are commonly cited as motives for fat-related dreams.

Remember that everyone’s dream interpretation is unique to their life experiences and viewpoint.

Dream Of Being Fat

Dreams are used by the subconscious mind to communicate with the conscious mind in ways that the conscious mind may not completely grasp.

They have the ability to shed light on facets of our personality that we would otherwise have difficulty perceiving or comprehending.

Dreams may process problems and issues that are weighing on our minds or hindering us from going forward in life.

I was curious what it meant when you dreamed of being overweight?

If you regularly dream about your weight, your subconscious may be attempting to communicate with you.

It is critical to pay attention if this dream has an emotional impact on you.

As a result, you will be able to mature as a person and be better equipped to deal with future challenges.

Dream About Getting Fat

Your dream of gaining weight indicates that you aren’t feeling like yourself. Perhaps you’re feeling sluggish or bloated, and you simply don’t feel like yourself.

It’s probable that you’re also trying to define your function and choose your final aim. If you continually experiencing the same dream, it’s an indication that you’re either trying to fill an emotional void or feel out of control of your life.

Maybe you’ve made decisions based on what you think other people want from you, and you feel like you can’t go back now.

It might also be an indicator that you are underestimating your body fat percentage. This might be due to real anxiety about your weight or as a result of unfavorable criticism from others.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of a Fat Man?

A fat guy’s dream symbolism is often a mirror of the dreamer’s own body confidence.

The real physical shape of the dreamer may be represented here, or it may be a metaphor for the ease and satisfaction the dreamer feels in waking life.

If you dream about a massive man who has never threatened you, it’s a positive indicator that you’re happy with your life and your body.

You have a cheerful attitude on life and a strong feeling of self-assurance about who you are and where you fit into it.

If, on the other hand, you dream of a giant guy who acts threateningly toward you, it might be a warning that your life is too chaotic.

As a result, it’s probable that external causes are exacerbating your emotional and mental pressure.

This might indicate that you are surrounded by people who do not regard you enough to treat you with affection and care.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of a Fat Woman?

A fat lady dream interpretation indicates that someone you know is gossiping about you. Someone is obsessed with you and is exploiting you as a pastime.

If you normally convey your feelings to others in this manner, you should stop immediately. They may use your trust to give you trouble or embarrassment in the future.

So now you know who to look out for if you come across a rumor.

Biblical meaning of Fat Dream

Fat is a sign of good fortune and joy in the Christian religion.

According to the Bible, consuming fatty foods may help protect one’s thoughts from straying to more sinful regions.

In the Bible, gaining weight or eating fatty meals is related with heavenly happenings. Indulging in fat is a great way to brighten your day and may even lead to a sense of euphoric contentment.

Because a person who is content with his or her life and has no desire to sin or do wrong is likely to have fewer negative thoughts, this might be an indication that sinful ideas are being removed.

According to the Bible, having a dream in which you are stuffed full of food might represent either the eradication of evil thoughts or an excess of joy.

Your personal circumstances also influences the significance of your dreams.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret fat dreams correctly

Answer the following questions to find out what your fat dream means…

  • What was the subject of your fat dream?
  • Did the subject you saw turn fat from thin or the reverse in the dream?
  • Did you see anyone consume the fat?
  • Were there others in your dream? What were they doing?
  • If you saw fat, did you notice the color?
  • Were you consuming the fat?
  • Do you consider yourself fat or thin in waking life?
  • Do you hear a lot of mean comments or “suggestions” about your physical appearance?
  • How would you feel about your physical health if nobody judged you?
  • Are you worried about any business deals? How do you feel about your business partner?

Over to you…

Fat dreams might be difficult to interpret if you are unfamiliar with symbolism and imagery. And, depending on the nature of your dreams, it may have a positive or negative affect.

However, if your dreams indicate a waning feeling of self-confidence, it is up to you to restore it.

There are many people who may be nasty to you. However, their heinous deeds are the result of societal conventions rather than anything you’ve done wrong.

The more you succumb to their insults, the shallower you become.

If you must change, do so for the sake of your health. Life is too short to squander attempting to please everyone.


How you feel is the most important component in deciding the relevance of your fat dream.

As a result, if you are overweight in real life, such as by overeating or being too lazy to exercise, dreaming about being fat is a symptom that you are feeling trapped in your current circumstances.

If you have low self-esteem, you may need to lose weight for health reasons, but being overweight is also a sign.

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